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About Us

SocialPlay leads the social gaming industry in innovation and creativity with award-winning, category-defining games designed for friends to play together. The company has changed the way people play games by creating more social and connected experiences. Played by millions of people worldwide, SocialPlay games are amongst the most acclaimed and popular online, including Perfect Texas Holdem Poker which has over 1.6 Million application installs.
Social Gaming is the future

Our social games are different. We create games that let you play together with real-world friends and family using the infrastructure built by social networks. This is in some ways a return to the roots of games. You play with the same people you would play cards, board games or go bowling with in the real world. Sharing the game experience with friends makes it more compelling and fun.

At SocialPlay we believe social games are a big part of the future of the video games industry, and are working hard to be the leading company in this emerging sector.